Gary Hanke with a fish caught on Chain Lake


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Fry Bashing the seasons with Jelly or Pinfry is as exciting as catching fish on a dry fly in lakes. This is a popular Cormorant style pattern to represent the Pinfry.

Fry Bashing the Seasons

Posted by Gary Hanke

Have you ever heard of the expression Pinfry or Jelly Fry? So, what is it?  Pinfry and Jelly Fry are a slang term used by international fly anglers to identify...

Wind Drifting for Trout

Wind Drifting for Trout

Posted by Gary Hanke

Wind Drifting your Boat     It is said, “better sailors catch more fish”. An interesting perspective that holds a lot of truth. Boat control when done with a single...

Lake Leader and Tippet Setups

Lake Leader and Tippet Setups

Posted by Gary Hanke

   For the most part all Canadian Provinces and territory's allow 2-4 fly fishing opportunities. Limiting ourselves to one fly just does not seem to make sense then, except when...