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Alex Nymphs

Great hooks, which make binding heavy nymphs extremely easy. A tungsten pearl and a perfectly tapered lead body are already attached to a high-quality, barbless jig hook. Whether classic with dubbing and other materials or only with a little colored lacquer and a ribbing, there are hardly any limits to your imagination...

Buzzer Flex

We are very excited about our new Buzzer Flex products. The 18 colours selected are commonly found in the chironomid world in either the worm or larval stage of this abundant and popular fly-tying insect. But don't stop there as the product makes great legs and bodies on many other...


Whether you want to up your game fly fishing on lakes, or you want to catch more fish by implementing Czech (Euro) Nymphing techniques, why not learn from the best. Gary Hanke is a world class angler and fishing instructor with over four decades of experience. 

HENDS Products

About Hends: Hends Products company offers superior fly-tying components and reaches nearly every corner of the globe. Hends Products offers a comprehensive selection of beads, dubbing, and other premium natural and synthetic fly-tying materials. The hooks are widely praised by tournament and recreational anglers seeking true barbless designs and diversity. The hooks...

New Products

We are constantly looking for new fly fishing tools, supplies, tying materials, and anything else that we think will help you catch more fish, and have more fun when you are fly tying, fly fishing, Euro Nymphing, Dry fly fishing, Streamer fishing fly fishing rivers, creeks or a lake.


Award-winning high-quality scissors made specifically for fly fishing and the art of fly tying. Make the art of fly tying more enjoyable, and invest in a pair of scissors that will last a lifetime. Catch more fish with better tied fly fishing patterns.


Based in Florence, Italy, from over 40 years Stoppioni s.n.c. is specialized in the production of accessories for every type of fishing, and in our case a focus on fly fishing.

Wires and Tinsel

Fly tying wires are used in all disciplines of fly fishing, however, the market offerings were inconsistent with the amount per spool, colours and often they would go rusty after several uses. Due to this we turned our focus onto wires and improving the fly tyers experience. All the Semperfli...