Fly Tying Course

We are happy to announce that the Masterclass Novice Level Fly Tying class is offered again throughout the winter months from January 2021 through to April 2021.

All classes are supplied with all the tools and materials. There is no need to pre purchase the additional cost of a fly tying kit for the course. These classes are excellent Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary Gift for that outdoors person in your life. As a GAIA certified fly tying instructor Gary Hanke is pleased to offer the following fly tying class.

"The objective of this program will be to teach, in a practical manner, the Art of Fly Tying at a "Novice/Beginner Level.”


For this fly tying program, we will provide you with quality materials and tools to use, at no charge, which includes all hooks, materials, and fly tying tools. With these supplies, you will be able to tie many different fly patterns by using any of the 17 successfully proven Western patterns that we will teach.

Each pattern has been selected to illustrate a basic fly tying procedure and tying technique that is applicable to use in hundreds of other fly patterns. Keep in mind, that even though the patterns taught in this course are excellent flies, it is the learning of the procedures and techniques illustrated by these patterns that will make you a fly tier. These procedures and methods are carried over from one fly to the next and once each procedure or method is mastered, you can tie a variety of fly patterns by simply varying the materials used and the order of the techniques utilized.

It is always a good idea to try out a variety of fly tying tools and vises before purchasing those that will suit your needs the best at your budget. We will provide 5 different types of vises and a variety of fly tying tools for you to work with while learning how to tie flies. There is no need to pre-purchase a fly tying kit for our class. Additionally, there is no need to pre-purchase any fly tying materials or fly tying kit as these items will be supplied to the students to tie all the designated flies of this class.


  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Fly Tying Manual (PDF Format-email required) $40.00 savings

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