Lake Fly Fishing Course
Lake Fly Fishing Course
Lake Fly Fishing Course
Lake Fly Fishing Course

Lake Fly Fishing Course


Our still water fly fishing lessons take place on Alberta lakes in central and north-central Alberta.

Both classes will require date confirmation via email prior to booking.

1 day or two-day classes. Minimum of 2 people.

One day is an introduction to lake fishing from a boat and from the bank. It includes gear, leader designs fly selection, and approach.

The two-day course covers off basic applications and more in-depth boat control, equipment, fishing gear, and setups.

We cater to the complete novices up to experienced anglers.

Learn the art of lake fly fishing in beautiful surroundings and enjoy trying to catch your first fish. Lake fly fishing has many of its own unique approaches. Understanding flies, leader designs and gear can be different than that of flowing water fishing. Learning boat control and equipment needed is essential. There are several styles of how to maintain boat control to fish an area of lake very well coupled with the best fishing approach.

  • Back Trolling – electric motor setup
  • Northampton Style – drogue setup
  • Swing and Yaw – anchoring method
  • Drift fishing with drogues and drogue setup
  • Reading and identifying lake structure and fish locations - bathometric maps

The fundamentals of lake entomology also vary and are different than that of flowing water.

Leader designs and setups for subsurface and topwater fishing.

Your lake fly fishing lessons will be tailored to suit your experience and objectives. Common benefits of lake fly fishing lessons are:

  • Lake Entomology
  • Cast distances effortlessly.
  • Learn to select the right gear for the conditions
  • Understand leader set up
  • Learn how to catch more fish.
  • Improved presentation and techniques - one fly to team fly systems
  • Descent / Straight Line techniques
  • Washing Line Techniques
  • Understanding Light Conditions
  • Selecting fly patterns based on light conditions and season
  • Defining Early Season, Mid Season and Late Season
  • Learn new casts like single and roll cast in windy conditions
  • Using Blow Line methods
  • Learn what flies to select when and why.
  • Learn different fishing techniques like a descent line, washing line technique, nymph and dry fly lakes techniques with other productive and effective easy to use methods.

Whether you are a complete novice or you have been fly fishing for a period of time, lake fly fishing lessons will help you improve all regions of your lake fishing from casting to boat control. Whether it's just one or two days to put you on the right pathway to improve your skills over a period of time we can help.

If you are interested in lake fly fishing then please contact us first to discuss your requirements before booking this class. We can be reached at our email address.

Lake Fly fishing lessons will be tailored to match your ability and learning styles.

Our job is to help you become a better lake angler!