Introduction to Lake Fishing Course - Bank to Boat

Introduction to Lake Fishing Course - Bank to Boat


Introduction to Fly Fishing Lakes

Lake Fly Fishing is as easy or as tough as you wanna make it. If ya wanna brush up on the finer points or just take in a day of sun-soaked relaxation, you gots to know the rudiments first.



About The Class

Are you dreaming of casting your line over a lake? Join us for a chill day and we'll show you the ropes of lake fishing. We'll cover bank and boat strategies, and you just need to bring your own tackle - 8’-6” to 10’ rod/reel with a 5-8 weight line, a floating line and a couple of 9-foot 0X-2X leaders. And don't worry - the workshop is split into two parts!

Early morning class in the field covers details about fly fishing gear, knots, entomology, and tactics. We also review fish identification, handling practices, plus relevant regulations and etiquette for fishing lakes. Our team uses proven fundamentals and preferred items to ensure a successful and pleasant day of fishing.


We will transition to the lakeshore in the afternoon, bringing along a range of rods and reels. Students will learn the fundamentals of casting with a fly rod, as well as how water currents, wind, and the environment affect trout habitats and eating habits. We will delve into the ecology of the lake and the needs of the trout to survive.

Things to Bring:
bring your fly-fishing gear to attend this class. Most people prefer to use their own gear to become acquainted with its benefits in hand.
Dress weather suitable for the day as this is spent outside.

Bring lunch, snacks if you wish, and liquids to remain hydrated.

The class starts at 9:30 am. and completes at around 4:30 pm.


Call us to book your day. Weekdays are preferred but weekends also are available.