Hends Hook - BL564 - Caddis Pupa

Hends Hook - BL564 - Caddis Pupa


Hends does not only offer modern fly tying materials, but also an extensive collection of very reliable hooks. These hooks live up to the great reputation of their manufacturer due to their high quality and is an outstanding value for your money.

The BL 564 is a modern emerger hook (1x Strong) for tying very effective patterns – for example caddis pupa nymphs or scuds. It offers outstanding hooking properties due to its chemically sharpened point with a smooth upwards bend. Further, the modern Hi-Carbon material makes it very strong, and therefore you will always be ready for the fish of a lifetime.

Without a doubt, the Hends BL 564 will provide lots of pleasure– during the process of tying and while fishing!


  • Modern hook for tying emergers and nymphs
  • The chemically sharpened point has a smooth upwards bend
  • Slightly downward-facing eye
  • Barbless
  • 1X strong material
  • Made of a very reliable Hi-Carbon
  • Colour: black nickel
  • Content: 25 hooks per pack