CDC Dubbing
CDC Dubbing
CDC Dubbing
CDC Dubbing

CDC Dubbing

Yellow #06
Dun #20
Golden Olive #29
Black #30
Olive Dark #32
Rusty #33
Olive - 34
Natural Brown #35
Orange #94

This material is an essential component for creating dry, wet, and nymph flies. It is highly desirable due to its unique characteristics, such as exceptional buoyancy and easy manipulation. It can quickly and easily be used to craft a professional-looking nymph, wet or dry fly body or even hackling. CDC feathers also have a variety of applications, ranging from tying dry fly bodies to building nymphs and sea trout flies, e.g. the CDC Shrimp. These feathers have remarkable buoyancy and produce a distinct underwater movement. The Hends CDC Dubbing is rigorously evaluated and only of the finest quality.

  • CDC feather barbules in the best quality and great colours
  • Enormous swimming characteristics
  • Ingenious for tying dry flies, wet and nymphs to create movement and life in the fly.
  • Contents: .5 grams/pack 
About Hends:

Hends Products company offers superior fly-tying components and reaches nearly every corner of the globe. Hends offers a comprehensive selection of beads, dubbing, and other premium natural and synthetic fly-tying materials. The hooks are widely praised by tournament and recreational anglers seeking true barbless designs and diversity. The hooks offer remarkable sharpness and longevity, with gauges, profiles and sizes differentiated for a multitude of uses.  Hends upholds the most rigorous standards of excellence in all its tying materials, not just its hooks.  Consequently, the manufacturer has attained a distinguished reputation in the fly fishing realm.