Body Glass - Half Round Micro (BGM)

Body Glass - Half Round Micro (BGM)

Transparent - 01 - (BGM)
Orange - 02- (BGM)
Orche - 03- (BGM)
Yellow - 06- (BGM)
Lt. Brown - 10- (BGM)
Dk. Brown - 14- (BGM)
Grey - 15- (BGM)
Olive Brown Dk. - 14- (BGM)
Rusty Brown - 22- (BGM)
Black - 30- (BGM)
Khaki Brown - 31- (BGM)
Olive Brown - 35- (BGM)
Wine Red - 36- (BGM)
Claret - 37- (BGM)
Olive Light - 39- (BGM)
Beige - 40- (BGM)
Pink - 41- (BGM)
Flouro Yellow - 90- (BGM)
Floruro Orange - 91- (BGM)
Deep Red - 93- (BGM)
Flouro Pink - 94- (BGM)
Red - 193- (BGM)
Red Pink - 241- (BGM)
Brown Olive 34 (BGM)

Body Glass (BGK), Body Glass Half Round (BGP), and the Body Glass Half Round -MICRO (BGM) are three distinct sizes to suit a variety of hook sizes and patterns. This material is a flexible, stretchy, and full round or half-round vinyl material that is very popular when it comes to tying wet flies, chironomids, streamers, and nymphs.

This material enables better imitations of many insects and minnow bodies. The transparency of the vinyl material allows the light to shine through and creates an attractive appearance. For instance, Chironomid-Patterns, damselfly nymphs, and Mayfly nymphs can be tied with this as a body material. It can be used as ribbing or by itself to create beautiful Blood Worms, Chironomid, and wet fly bodies. Body Glass Half Round MICRO (BGM) is an outstanding, highly robust ribbing material for its size.

Half Round Body Glass Micro is the thinnest, which enables slender bodies especially when tension is applied to the wraps.

Profile : D Shaped

Length: approx. 2,2 m

A handy trick: Controlled stretching of a piece makes the material thinner and creates a “taper”. A perfect and nice, tapered body is then possible!