Hends Hook - BL154 - Jig (Transverse Eye)  - Competition Barbless

Hends Hook - BL154 - Jig (Transverse Eye) - Competition Barbless


Super Sharp Point Hook from Hends Jig-Competition Barbless
The bent-in point, Forged, Standard Wire Black Nickel with the transverse eye. Transverse eyes will allow the use of larger Tungsten small slot beads. It works as a stop to oversize beads. An excellent choice for jig - nymph, pupa, peridgone, and lake style micro leech and micro minnow patterns.

Hends now have four-wire weights for jig fly hooks. Don't forget to view the BL 120, Bl 124, and the BL144 to find jigs to suit your needs and fish size.

The new barbless range is particularly nice, they have super chemically sharpened points, black nickel finish, and are well shaped in the barbless design. They are designed to Hends specs and are produced by a high-quality hook manufacturer in Japan.

25 hooks per pack